The Federal Reserve Conspiracy

The Federal Reserve Conspiracy by Antony C. Sutton “Another fine and extremely well researched work by Antony C. Sutton. An expose’ of the people and forces behind the takeover of the US economy by the Federal Reserve system, on behalf of the oligarchs. A must for anyone interested in the inner workings of US politics […]

Steven Mnuchin – Secretary of the Treasury in Trump Administration

Fair Use Deplorable Sources: Bypass the censorship of conservatives by the Commie Technocrats at Googlag, Microsoft Bung, Zuckerbook, and Twitter for Search — Go Straight to the MAGA Deplorables content: Fair Use – Citations: @realDonaldTrump on Twitter – – by the GEOTUS POTUS Donald J. Trump, Master Troll Meme Master of the Universe The […]

Conservative or Libertarian Jews

We are not a racist site AT ALL. However, we will call out evil wherever it exists. Leftist Jews, like any leftists, authoritarians, Democratic Socialists, Socialists, National Socialists (Nazis), Marxists, Communists, Stalinists, Trotskyists, and Maoists are at best very ignorant, and at worst actually evil. However, here we acknowledge some awesome conservative or libertarian Jews. […]

Ayn Rand – Jewish Libertarian Capitalist Philosopher

Ayn Rand – Jewish Libertarian Capitalist Philosopher (1905-1982) “A Russian-born naturalized American novelist, thinker, and philosopher, Ayn Rand was most famous for her bestselling novels The Fountainhead (1943) and Atlas Shrugged (1957). But it was as a philosopher that she achieved her greatest success. She founded an original new school of philosophy, called Objectivism, and […]

BBC – British Broadcasting Collectivism

See Glossary of GroupThink Propaganda – Politically Correct Crap “A wonderful sanctuary for the Jewish community of North London, paedophiles and gay people. A place where they can be showered with millions of pounds of licence fee cash, without needing to have any discernible talent, just a rigid smile and indestructible levels of self-esteem.  The […]


See Glossary of GroupThink Propaganda – Politically Correct Crap “A thorny term to have to negotiate so early in the book, no doubt, but that is the peril of alphabetisation for you. Let us approach the subject of anti-Semitism without fear or caution.  Undoubtedly, we can all agree that anti-Semitism constitutes anything remotely negative a […]