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There are many reasons to “Vote with Your Feet” and move from corrupt, statist, liberal-Democrat, high-crime Nanny States to a low-population-density, extremely low-crime, limited government, libertarian, Constitution-loving, Pro-Second-Amendment, Patriotic, moral-conservative, God-fearing, safe-haven refuge in the American Redoubt of Idaho - Montana - Wyoming - Eastern Oregon - Eastern Washington - Northern Utah

Vote with your feet by moving ( to the libertarian safe refuge of the “American Redoubt” in Idaho - Montana - Wyoming - Eastern Oregon - Eastern Washington - Northern Utah or the Texas Redoubt or the Tennessee Cumberland Redoubt ( for more Bill of Rights freedom, especially Second Amendment gun rights — see

for state rankings,,, podcast, podcast by a conservative black Catholic Redoubter.

Sadly, the beautiful state of California is now a lost cause politically. But still keep fighting to restore her greatness.

NRA Life Member; also member of of America,, Second Amendment Foundation,,,,,,, Member Support Brigade, the Wolf Pack at, Permaculture Homesteader

American Redoubt Pages:

What exactly is the American Redoubt? See for more details from James Wesley Rawles, whose description of our Redoubt many of us wholeheartedly support.

We are “Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times” is the motto of James Wesley Rawles

We Vote-with-our-Feet and have prepared “For when times get tough, or even if they don't” - the motto of Jack Spirko's SurvivalPodcast (

One could say that the American Redoubt was “founded” when Montana became a State of these United States of America on November 8, 1889, just 1 year before Idaho and Wyoming.

For those who are more attached to the East Coast and can't easily migrate to the American Redoubt in the Intermountain-West, we recommend the blog of the inspirational M.D. Creekmore who posted Joel M. Skousen, Author, Strategic Relocation North American Guide to Safe Places, on the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau solution to the “The East Coast Retreat Dilemma”:

“As a relocation specialist and designer, I found safe retreat locations and helped clients develop high security homes in every state of the union and you can too. The concept that anyone caught East of the Mississippi River is doomed is only partially valid and highly exaggerated. You can achieve a significantly higher level of safety going beyond the Appalachians to the high plateau regions of Tennessee and Kentucky. This massive and relatively unpopulated area is called the Cumberland Plateau—most of which falls within the state of Tennessee.” Joel M. Skousen ( is a relocation specialist and author of “Strategic Relocation North American Guide to Safe Places.”


Jack Spirko, born 1972 in New Jersey, is best known today as the founder and host of The Survival Podcast and as a renowned teacher of permaculture and preparedness.

Spirko's background is based on a variety of military, technical, marketing and sales skills. Prior to taking The Survival Podcast to a full time business he held a variety of positions both as an employee and as a business owner.

  • 2011 - 2013 - In 2011 due to large numbers of business related questions on his Survival Podcast, Spirko set up a second podcast about building a business called Five Minutes with Jack. Business ownership is one of Spirko's tenets of true independence. The show has over 100 episodes but is on “permanent hiatus” meaning there may or may not be any future episodes. Spirko has committed to keeping the site and the episodes available in the future. He feels that the material presented is sufficient for anyone looking to get a business off the ground.

The Survival Podcast

Spirko founded The Survival Podcast a.k.a. TSP in June of 2008. During the first 18 months of the show (June 2008 - December 2009) Spirko did the show during his 55 mile commute from his personal mobile studio a 2006 Jetta Diesel TDI. The show quickly grew in popularity attracting about 2,000 daily listeners by the end of 2008, by the end of 2009 the show was being listened to by close to 15,000 people daily. At that time Spirko made the decision to take the show to a full time endeavor. As of December 2014, the show attracts over 500,000 daily listeners and is referred to by Spirko as his “life's work” and his “true calling”.


Spirko calls himself a Modern Survivalist] and claims to have coined the phrase as well. His assertion is that all humans are at their core [[survivalists as they all seek to survive. Modern survivalism differs from the conventional concept of survivalism or preparedness in that it does not turn away from modern technology, rather it simply seeks to create redundancies for when technology fails.

Additionally modern survivalism is very broad including aspects of homesteading, investing, economics, debt elimination, individual sovereignty, homeschooling, permaculture along with traditional survivalist concepts like primitive skills and military tactic and strategies combined with a Constitutional libertarian perspective. Spirko has been called the face of the modern survival movement by media personality Judge Andrew Napalatono.

Spirko also bases his methods very highly on the following concepts:

Permaculture Teacher-Gardener-Farmer-Businessman

Spirko has likely done more to make permaculture known in the preparedness and survivalist communities then any other educator on the subject. His primary influence is derived from the work of Geoff Lawton and focuses heavily on earth works and polyculture implementation with a heavy leaning toward food forest systems.

Spirko's belief is that permaculture is a scientific system of design that should remain free of political ideology and new age mythology. His contention is that permaculture is an anti political system; in support of which he cites permaculture's founder Bill Mollison's statement that, permaculture is anti-political. There is no room for politicians or administrators or priests. And there are no laws either. The only ethics we obey are: care of the earth, care of people, and reinvestment in those ends.

Spirko has received his Permaculture Design Certification from Geoff Lawton and teaches several permaculture workshops a year and occasionally guest instructs at classes run by fellow permaculturists. He is currently working to build AgriTrue a libertarian alternative to USDA Organic devoid of government involvement. In 2013 he established a libertarian minded permaculture “ecovillage” and farm business he termed PermaEthos.


Podcasts and Blogs


Incremental Gun-Grabbing of the Police State - Nanny State

Liberals and socialists support so-called “common sense” measures - a “good first step” of the Police state - Nanny state. To a citizen-prepper-patriot and to the Bill of Rights, this is “death by a thousand paper cuts”.

This Second Amendment Foundation video is the formal response to Hollywood's Demand a Plan gun-grabbing propaganda video. The video shows one of the main differences between liberal gun control Nanny states (Blue states) and conservative and/or libertarian Second Amendment-supporting “free states” (Red states). This video shows why conservatives and libertarians “vote with our feet”:<ref>As of December 8, 2014, there are 60,819 views on YouTube of Second Amendment Foundation's Equal Gun Rights, Online. Published on Feb 24, 2013. and</ref>

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