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There are many reasons to “Vote with Your Feet” and move from corrupt, statist, liberal-Democrat, high-crime Nanny States to a low-population-density, extremely low-crime, limited government, libertarian, Constitution-loving, Pro-Second-Amendment, Patriotic, moral-conservative, God-fearing, safe-haven refuge in the American Redoubt of Idaho - Montana - Wyoming - Eastern Oregon - Eastern Washington - Northern Utah

Vote with your feet by moving ( to the libertarian safe refuge of the “American Redoubt” in Idaho - Montana - Wyoming - Eastern Oregon - Eastern Washington - Northern Utah or the Texas Redoubt or the Tennessee Cumberland Redoubt ( for more Bill of Rights freedom, especially Second Amendment gun rights — see

for state rankings,,, podcast, podcast by a conservative black Catholic Redoubter.

Sadly, the beautiful state of California is now a lost cause politically. But still keep fighting to restore her greatness.

NRA Life Member; also member of of America,, Second Amendment Foundation,,,,,,, Member Support Brigade, the Wolf Pack at, Permaculture Homesteader

American Redoubt Pages:

What exactly is the American Redoubt? See for more details from James Wesley Rawles, whose description of our Redoubt many of us wholeheartedly support.

We are “Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times” is the motto of James Wesley Rawles

We Vote-with-our-Feet and have prepared “For when times get tough, or even if they don't” - the motto of Jack Spirko's SurvivalPodcast (

One could say that the American Redoubt was “founded” when Montana became a State of these United States of America on November 8, 1889, just 1 year before Idaho and Wyoming.

For those who are more attached to the East Coast and can't easily migrate to the American Redoubt in the Intermountain-West, we recommend the blog of the inspirational M.D. Creekmore who posted Joel M. Skousen, Author, Strategic Relocation North American Guide to Safe Places, on the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau solution to the “The East Coast Retreat Dilemma”:

“As a relocation specialist and designer, I found safe retreat locations and helped clients develop high security homes in every state of the union and you can too. The concept that anyone caught East of the Mississippi River is doomed is only partially valid and highly exaggerated. You can achieve a significantly higher level of safety going beyond the Appalachians to the high plateau regions of Tennessee and Kentucky. This massive and relatively unpopulated area is called the Cumberland Plateau—most of which falls within the state of Tennessee.” Joel M. Skousen ( is a relocation specialist and author of “Strategic Relocation North American Guide to Safe Places.”


Diesel fuel is a petroleum derived liquid fuel that can also be derived from other oils such as vegetable oils. Diesel is used extensively through nearly all heavy industries to operate machinery and vehicles. Diesel is also much favored as a fuel for generators.



Long-Term Storage

Diesel fuel stores better than some other fuels, but is susceptible to bacterial growth and water, using a fuel stabilizer such as PRI-D can greatly extend the life of the fuel.



Diesel has many benefits that other transportation fuels lack. It can be used straight off the still, unlike gasoline,, that requires upgrading. Diesel has very high energy storage for the mass volume as well as low volatility, longer storage times, and many sources.

  • Destructive distillation

- coal, used motor oil, waste plastic, old tires are heated to 800C in a sealed container and the gasses produced are condensed to oil

  • bio diesel

- “Diesel tree”, soybean oil, corn oil, algae using an oil expeller

  • Fischer-Tropsch diesel
  1. any thing that burns in [gasifier] the gas is compressed in a tank of steel shot and oil is produced
  • Hydrous pyrolysis

- chicken byproduct, algae, are heated in a sealed high preasure tank

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