Ball of Collusion – The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency

Ball of Collusion by Andrew C. McCarthy – B079C2VT7Y

Table of Contents
INTRODUCTION – Introduction to Ball of Collusion

The Collusion Fable
What Investigation … and What Started It?
An Old Story: Beltway Consultants as Agents of the Kremlin
Intel … the Obama Way
‘An Institutional Lack of Candor’
Collusion: Foreign Governments, the Obama Administration, and the
Clinton Campaign
A Maltese Professor, an Australian Diplomat, and a Sap … in London
The Brennan Clearinghouse
Narrative as ‘Intelligence’ as Disinformation:The Steele Dossier
There’s No Collusion Case … Just Ask Julian Assange
Crossfire Hurricane
I Spy
Amateur Hour
Insurance Policy
FISA Warrants: Targeting Trump, Not Page
‘Flood Is Coming’
Not a Suspect?
Nine Days in May

Free States

Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming are Free States in the heart of the American Redoubt.

Texas could be also considered a Free State.

Wyoming, USA – Conservative Heart of the American Redoubt

Along with Idaho and Montana, Wyoming is the heart of the American Redoubt.

Wyoming is a Free State.

American Redoubt – Idaho, Montana, Wyoming – Conservative Refuge – Vote with Your Feet

Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming are the heart of the American Redoubt and is part of the Vote with Your Feet movement to Free States.

Idaho, USA – Conservative Heart of the American Redoubt

Along with Montana and Wyoming, Idaho is the heart of the American Redoubt.

Idaho is a Free State.

Montana, USA – Conservative Heart of the American Redoubt

Along with Idaho and Wyoming, Montana is the heart of the American Redoubt. Montana is a Free State.

It is also the home of Ben Garrison of – The DeplorableMAGAman – The MAGAKAGPolitical CartoonsMeme Master from Montana

Political Cartoons

The best are MAGA Meme Masters.

Hope Hicks – Former White House Communications Director, Former White House Director of Strategic Communications in Trump Administration

Meme Master – Carpe Donktum.

Fair Use Deplorable Sources:

Bypass the censorship of conservatives by the Commie Technocrats at Googlag, Microsoft Bung, Zuckerbook, and Twitter for Search — Go Straight to the MAGA Deplorables content:

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True Meme Masters are always Deplorable MAGAmen – Meme Magic is Real!

Meme Masters are always DeplorableMAGAmen – Meme Magic is Real!

Fair Use Source:

Ben Garrison says, “The Left can’t meme, while the Right has an impressive roll call of Meme Warriors.

We were part of The First Great Meme War of 2015-2016 and even more have joined the Second Great Meme War of 2019-2020.

Ben says, “When it comes to funny, high impact memes that launch weaponized truth directly at the Left’s delusional fantasies, the Right wins every time!”

The Meme Warriors Best of the Best:

Can’t Stump the Trump:

Can’t Stump the Trump features the ultimate Meme Master of the Universe, the God Emperor himself GEOTUS POTUS Donald J. Trump.

Ben Garrison and Tina Garrison of

Ben Garrison of - The Deplorable - MAGAman - The MAGA - KAG - Political Cartoons - Meme Master from Montana

Ben Garrison of – The DeplorableMAGAman – The MAGAKAGPolitical CartoonsMeme Master from Montana

Carpe Donktum:

Carpe Donktum – His memes have been retweeted by the Madman himself, the Ultimate Troll, our GEOTUS God Emperor of the USA, POTUS President Donald Trump twice.  @carpedonktum

Big Game Productions:

Big Game Productions – Making MAGA manga style video comic books and Making Comic Books Great Again! @BGProductions

Thug Life New Shit:

Thug Life New Shit – Thug Life is the warrior behind the scenes that enhances memes for everyone and produces those memes where people end up with glasses and a joint. @ThugLifenewShit

Mad Liberals:

Mad Liberals, A perfect combination of memes that make liberals cry salty tears with a dash of Monty Python. @mad_liberals


Solmemes  – A regular meme workhorse pumping out high quality memes that give the left bad dreams. @Solmemes1

Solentgreenis people:

Solentgreenis people – Don’t forget that “Soylent Green is People”!!!!

The Geekz Team:

The Geekz Team – his amazing action memes are incredible.  @thegeekzteam


SOMETHiNG WiCKËDSomething Wicked has an arsenal of video game memes. @som3thingwicked

TT Cube:

TT Cube,  The meme warrior’s tech guy, if any one has any questions, he is the man to ask. @tt_cube

The United Spot:

The United Spot

Deplorable MAGAman Styxhexenhammer666 a.k.a. Tarl Warwick – The One, The Only!

From DeplorableMAGAmanStyxhexenhammer666 a.k.a. Tarl Warwick the One, the Only, the Great Pagan Spoken Meme Magician – Clank Clank!

Support his amazing work via donation:

His literary works:

His other platforms:

Brief primer on his views for any newcomer: Fair Use Source:


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  • Gay rights
  • Real capitalism
  • Constitutionalism
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